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Hey everyone, Peyton Sawyer here. You may remember me from my podcast which can be found here if you're interested in listening to me ramble about past events.

Right now I'm finishing up my senior year at Tree Hill High only some things keep getting in the way. First I was stalked by some psycho pretending to be my brother Derek before I finally met the real Derek, a US Marine. He's helping me to overcome some of my fears and fight back. Brooke and I had a fight after I told her I'm in love with Lucas Scott, her then boyfriend and we're just now starting to patch things up. And after the Ravens won the State Championship game, Lucas and I became boyfriend/girlfriend. Only things have gotten complicated again. But for that you'll have to actually read this thing. It's friends only because of psycho Derek but if you're a cool person, a friend, or someone from school, comment on the friends only post and I'll add you.

Go Ravens!

This LJ is for RP-ing purposes only. I am not Peyton Sawyer or Hilarie Burton who portrays Peyton on the WB/CW's One Tree Hill.